BIRTH and DEATH- The Two Sides of the Coin called LIFE

By | October 1, 2016

Life didn’t teach you something, you just learn from it.

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I don’t know who quoted these lines, it was in the collection of Quotes on Life which I have. Probably, till date had not understood or in fact experienced what the quote meant. It was just in a minute that my entire world, stumbled down to pieces and I understood what it meant.
” We always feel, that we are controlling life, but it’s never WE “. We plan every night as to what should be cooked?, what to wear to work?¬†and much more. But what if we don’t get up the next morning?
This is what I experienced, I lost one of my loved one, unexpectedly. I was there for his last rituals and at the same time there was a new birth of a baby boy in my family, in the same hospital where I lost my loved one.
I was shattered, after the death of my loved one, I felt that’s the end of my world, but world did not stop, neither did my work. Everything went on to be the same, Life doesn’t wait for anyone. Then Life, itself gave me the reason to smile in the sorrow and the reason was, a new member in the family.
Life’s weird, I visited India to be with the new arrived soul and to give a farewell to the old departing soul. Life slapped me with the tears, of both happiness and sadness.
Yes, this is life, it moves on and we all are moving towards one thing which we all know but we never talk about it “The Death
Each day we spend we are heading towards that unspoken truth of the Life,”The Death”. Aren’t WE?
Should this discourage us? “NO”, the pain of loosing someone is immense and that place can never be refilled by any joy but LIFE’s like this, It’s a cycle of the old and new souls. The faster you accept, sooner you will understand the worth of every minute of your LIFE. And you “LIVE LIKE, YOU ARE ALIVE EVERY MINUTE “.

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  1. Deepa

    Exactly rashmi..sometimes we just take things for granted and forget to be thankful and grateful. It is important to live in the moment as life is really unpredictable.
    Deepa recently posted…By: DeepagandhiMy Profile


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