Kerala Mural- Lord Jagannatha/ Vishnu

By | March 14, 2019

Today’s pit stop is in Kerala exploring and learning Mural Painting. Kerala murals have been part of temple culture from time immemorial and because of the modern artists, we now get to see them on canvases.

Kerala murals usually depicts gods and goddesses, however there are also floral and peacock designs. First I wanted to just draw a floral design but then after a lot of contemplation,decided to draw Lord Jagannatha/ Vishnu’s face. Have added a process video and some tips I used, to draw the mural in this post.

Materials required:

  1. Art journal/ Canvas
  2. Pencil and eraser
  3. Ruler
  4. Sharpie pen – fine tip
  5. Acrylic paint
  6. Paint brush


  • Draw a border using pencil and ruler and now divide the working area into 4 quadrants. Finish sketching the mural.
  • Now using a fine tip draw an outline and erase all the pencil lines.
  • Use acrylics
  • Finally using a dark colour paint give an outline. If you are not so confident use sharpie pen for outlying the sketch.

Tips to draw:

  • It may look difficult but if you follow some thumb rules used in drawing you can draw a beautiful mural. Always divide the face into 4 quadrants, which act as reference points to draw eyes, nose and lips.
  • Start with a simple design if you are not confident to draw a deity’s face.

Attaching the process video with this post


Happy Painting!

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