My Mothers

By | May 10, 2019

Mother!!! How powerful, caring, daring, sentimental, cautious, calm, lovable she can be! She is all. She is everything.

Even today, when I am a mother of two kids, I rely on my MOM for each and everything right FROM what to cook when guests come over, TO how to plan for my kids’ future. At the same time I cannot believe I am already playing the MOM’s role to my two daughters. My mom in-fact keeps telling me, “You are a very good mother!” and she even says “There can never be a bad mother!” Yes she is right. I still remember when one of our relatives told me while I was carrying my elder daughter. “When a child is born, a new mother is also born.” How true! But I literally got scared that day thinking will I ever be able to be like my MOM ? But like my mom says there can never be a bad mother, we all do our BEST. My husband recently was talking to his friend about mothers. He was saying “I don’t know how ladies can manage everything and anything with ease! They have SUPER POWERS!”

But I cannot manage anything without him. Anyways, he is right. We women have super powers! I have lived every moment right from the time, I became a mother to each of my children. Their first walk, their first word, cuddles, their laughs, fights, naughty smiles after getting caught for writing on the wall , stealing sugar from the kitchen, trying my lipstick and much much more! And Yes, there are times of frustration too!But then isn’t that the beauty of motherhood! We enjoy, cherish and get emotional too.

Everyday, I wait for the time when my 8 year old daughter shares her whole day’s experience in the night before going to sleep. It will be about what she played and whom she played with, what happened in her Math class, what did they discuss during lunch time etc. Daily she talks about the same thing with the same enthusiasm and I listen as though I am listening to a suspense story !I cannot believe I look forward to listening to the ALMOST same story everyday!


I look forward to my 4 year old’s expression everyday as she looks at herself in the mirror after getting ready to go to school. She says, ‘How cute is that! Amma I am a princess’. She is indeed! And yes. Even today I share my routine with my Mom and my Mother-in-Law. Poor ladies, they listen to me as though there will be some twists and turns in my story! Needless to mention, my Mother-in-Law is my second mom! I keep asking her, ‘Can you please scold me once ? Is it possible for you to yell at me once ? I want to see how a typical mother in law would be?” Crazy me! Let my wish never come true.

I really don’t know from where my mom gets the strength, to deal with any difficulties in life. She is a confident lady and wants me to be one too. She says, “Whatever happens, be confident! Face it!” She is my pillar of strength. I really hope I will achieve at least half of what she has and I do want to set an example to my kids in the way, my mom has. She is my strength!Love you AMMA!

Love you ATTE!( Mother- in- law)

Happy Mother’s Day 😊

– Srilakshmi Dhruva

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