Photographer’s Wife

By | August 16, 2016
This post was selected as a Spicy Saturday pick!

This post was selected as a Spicy Saturday pick!

You find yourself ensnared,
In a lens realm!
Wondering, how it all started,
Making you, overwhelmed!

I know exactly, when it began,
You marry a man,
Thinking, he would be your fan,
Alas, he turns out to be a Camera man!

You know about the focal length,
The aperture and the shutter speed.
I wish, I knew, these were my strength,
During school, when it was a need!

When you carry his tripod around,
Instead of your Prada!
You know, he has you aground.
He has you captured, in the love pod!

Best time, is when we go on long drives!
Just to reach the destination,
For late night photography of the skies!
Ergo, adding more to my frustration.

God, should save you!
When he is on a travel expedition,
He leaves you,
Alone for his Photography mission.

I end up alone,
Just with the structures in the background,
I wish I had his clone,
To be, with me in the foreground.

Have been his subject at times,
An assistant most times,
And his photographer sometimes,
His wife all times.

All is worth when I see,
Him live his fantasy
Thus, rubbing a little on me,
Encouraging, to live in ecstasy!

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30 thoughts on “Photographer’s Wife

  1. Bhargavi Aralikatti

    Hey Rashmi..wonderful poetry..simply loved it. I loved the last stanza. Now Anil should bcome a poet/author to write abt your poetry fantasy. Isnt it?

    1. Rashmiandi

      Anil Kulkarni read the above comment:D…thank you soo much …But u know what, i started writing poetry only after reading his poems, till then i never thought i wld write…so last stanza of the poetry also applies to my poetry fantasy which i picked it up from our master Anil 😀

    1. Rashmi Post author

      Thank you so much for featuring my post in Spicy Saturday Picks! This boosts my confidence to write more, and its an honour to get featured on BlogAdda. Thanks once again!

    1. Rashmi Post author

      Seriously, If i knew these, in school it would have been a lot different!!
      Your comments boosts my confidence to write more. Thanks Atul 🙂

    1. Rashmi Post author

      That’s awesome to hear! Comments from a photographer herself, Appreciate it! Thanks Tina 🙂

  2. Rajlakshmi

    When you carry his tripod around,
    Instead of your Prada! //hahaha I could see myself there… this is the story of my life. Even the pictures he clicks of me will have that damn tripod in the frame 😛
    Absolutely enjoyed reading this post 😀
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…The love for InversionsMy Profile

    1. Rashmi Post author

      That’s the story of my life! There is always a Tripod and so much of gear when we go out :p. Glad to know someone shares similar thoughts. Thank you 🙂

    1. Rashmi Post author

      thanks Shweta :), it does have some perks but then every holiday becomes a Photographic expedition. He sees the world with his lens, I see through my eyes:P


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