Krishna Janmashtami

By | August 25, 2016

I stay in Seattle, USA and this is my way of staying connected to my roots and in fact I enjoy, celebrating these festivals. It brings memories untold from your motherland.:) I am making a record of these, for people who wish to celebrate and stay connected with their roots.Lord Krishna was born on Ashtami in the Hindu month Shravana, July- August as per Gregorian calender. As per Panchag for Seattle, USA Ashtami tithi begins on 24th August 09.47 and ends on 25th August 07..37. These are the timings for Smartha Krishna Janmashtami. People who follow Vaishnava Krishnajanmashtami celebrate it on 25th August and have Parana time on the next day.

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp and show throughout the country. On this day special pooja, chanting of Shlokas and bhajans in praise of Lord Krishna.

Observing Krishna Janmashtami

Clean the shrine and decorate with Rangoli and Patterns.

Now place the Balgopal in the decorated cradle and worship.

A special Aarthi is performed and songs are sung in praise of Lord Krishna.

The devotees fast on this day and offer their pooja at midnight to Lord Krishna and break their fast by leaving Arghya (Krishna Arghya and Chandra Arghya) in the name of god and by consuming the Naivedyam as Prasad.

On this day a lot of sweet and savouries are prepared with ghee and milk and offered as Naivedyam along with fruits, coconut, butter and milk.Β Some of the savouries prepared on this day are Chakali, Kodbale, Shankarpoli, Badam barfi, Wheat ladoo, Poha, Mosaru Avalakki and so on.


Women invite women and small kids and offer Harshina KumKum, prepared sweets and savouries.

Every year I try to decorate differently from what I had done the previous year. Last year 2015 I had used a lot of Lord Krishna photographs depicting different scenes along with Radha Krishna Idol and Balgopal.

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This year, I tried to create a handmade Canopy of trees depicting Brindavan for the Radha Krishna Idol. Included more Handmade dolls depicting Rasleela (Gopikas dancing around Lord Krishna with a peacock ona tree) and Thaye Yashoda, Krishna and Balarama.

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Sarve Janaah,
Sukhino Bhavanthu!
Happy Worshiping!


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