Handmade Golu Dollls

Dasara is around the corner. How are you guys decking up? After coming to USA, had missed celebrating this festival. I have these fond memories of my mom celebrating this festival by placing dolls, and preparing sweets and savouries for 9 days.

But after coming to USA had no option of celebrating this festival, golu dolls if I had to purchase were pretty costly, this motivated me to make my own golu dolls.In this post have brought you more information on the materials I used to make and finish these dolls.

Handmade Golu Dolls
Handmade Golu Dolls

Materials I used to make Golu dolls
Crayola Air Dry Clay
Acrylic Colours
Paint Brushes
Acrylic Gloss medium for finishing

Some useful links which you can check for more information on making these dolls.
Crayola Air Dry Clay
DIY : Ganesha Idol

Some Images of my handmade dolls. All prepared from Crayola Air dry clay.





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10 thoughts on “Handmade Golu Dollls

    • Hi Upasna, You can always buy them, but when I moved to USA, had very limited options and they were not too pocket friendly, that motivated me to make my own dolls. Do try its a very nice festival to celebrate with kids, you can arrange the dolls depicting the great epics Mahabhartha and Ramayana.

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