DIY: Up-cycling the Lid of a Candy Box

By | July 5, 2016

Name: Up-cycling the Lid of a Candy Box:

Introduction: Up-cycling has been one of my very strong mantras in life. Up-cycling also makes you get rid of the clutter by making use of them in different ways. Today, I have an interesting and the most easiest way of converting a lid of a candy box into a beautiful wall decor for your room and your baby’s room. The materials what you require for this project are all there in your house and you don’t have to run to a near by craft store to pick any of the craft items.

But ,yes if your are not a person who is fond of candies then you sure have to run,because you need the lid of a candy box.:)

Up-cycled lid of a Candy Box

Up-cycled lid of a Candy Box

Materials Required:
A candy box lid – any lid.
Card stock paper
Kitchen Paper towel
Sharpie markers



Lid of a Candy box


Twisting the Kitchen Paper towel

Step 1: Using scissors cut the card stock paper to the measurement of the lid and stick the card stock paper to the lid using fevicol.

Step 2: Once it dries, write the word Love, Peace or anything of your choice with a Pencil to avoid mistakes.

Step 3: Now take the kitchen Paper towel and start twisting.Once you twist to the desired shape.Take some fevicol on to your finger and twist it again to the desired shape.

Step 4: Apply some fevicol on the word you have written on the card stock paper stuck to the lid. Now stick the twisted paper towel and hold it on to the paper for few seconds, until it gets stuck.

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Step 5: Complete the entire word in the same way.You can shade it using some sharpie markers.

Step 6: Hang it onto the wall and admire your art work.

Happy Crafting!

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