Washington:The Evergreen State

By | July 16, 2016

Washington: The Evergreen State(Home away from Home)

My Port of entry to USA two and a half years back was Seattle and since then its been a home away from home.Well before I traveled, I did google a lot about Seattle and Washington. A lot of articles mentioned it, as an Evergreen State.I understood why, only after I landed here.Inspired by the seasons and Nature here, I have a series of miniature paintings which I have painted which adorn my Living Room wall.They always remind me that the next season is around the corner and all my favorite things of that season too:)

Paintings are done on a stretched canvas which I bought for 0.99 cents from Walmart.


I came in the month of September and fall had already set in.The season of Pumpkins:).The trees were painted Yellow,Red,Orange and some were still green.It looked marvelous, as if someone had just painted the world in shades of orange.


Fall in Seattle!

Fall in Seattle!

And then came the winter, Seattle is a rainy city.You always find yourself stuck to an Umbrella and a jacket. And yes, its pretty cold around 1-3 degrees during Winter(don’t forget beanies and gloves) Hot chocolate, shopping and Christmas parties are the best part of winter and drives to Alki beach to see the Sky-line(remember to take some hot chocolate in a flask to keep yourself warm)


Painting depicting a part of the skyline! I have painted on Seattle Weekly newspaper which is stuck to the Canvas.

Skyline from Alki Beach.

Then the Spring, the best of all, there were Cherry Blossoms(they bloom and remain for around 15 days,so catch the sight of these when you can), Tulips, leaves back again on the trees, buds, flowers and sunshine making its way.

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Cherry Blossom in University Of Washington.

Cherry Blossom in University Of Washington.


Beach walks, summer dresses with no jackets, strawberry festivals (don’t forget to wear your summer hats when you are going for strawberry picking), blueberries, Lavender festivals and lots and lots of Lemonade marks the summer and the current season 🙂



Today I am planning to visit a Lavender festival in Woodinville. I will write more about it in my next Post.For now enjoy the paintings and some photos of the Seasons.

Enjoy Summer!


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