DIY Upcycled Decorative Glass Bottle

By | February 1, 2018
Today have got you an easy, pocket friendly project. I had been meaning to have one of these from so long, what better way than making one all by myself.They can be a nice Christmas gift too.
Most of the items you will find it in your kitchen. This is an Upcycled project.So using an oil dispenser and also a cork from the wine bottle which we had picked when we were in Napa valley for a holiday. Made use of these two things with some jute thread to make this beautiful kitchen decor.

Materials required:
Old glass bottle
Cereals and pulses
Jute thread
Glue gun
Step 1: Clean the glass bottle, and keep it aside.Here I have used an oil dispenser which was spoilt and was just lying in my kitchen counter.You can use a wine bottle preferrably a clear glass one.
Step 2: Select all dry ingredients this makes it stay for long without getting spoilt. Also keep in mind to select a variety of colours, to make it vibrant and

attractive.Now add ingredients one by one, I have added rice first, after adding every ingredient tap it on to the table couple of times, to make it flat.

Step 3: Fill in all the cereals/pulses what ever you have selected, the way u like it.

Step 4: Fill till the neck of the bottle, now put a cork on. Make sure it’s air

tight.Here I tried to chop the sides to make the cork fit.

Step 5: Now tie jute thread at the neck of the bottle using glue gun, just to make it look more nice and rustic.

Bring in colour with this project.
Enjoy this new Decor in your kitchen:)
Happy Upcycling!!!

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