DIY Faux Chalkboard

By | February 8, 2018
Hello people, how is the month of LOVE treating you guys, hope you are planning some special things for your loved ones.
If you have your little bubs birthday coming up or a party which is coming up, then this is just the DIY project you need. These are in trend. And have become a very obvious party decor.
So let’s go ahead what materials you need to make these amazing party decor.

Materials required:
Black Foam board
Metallic Markers (go crazy with your choice of colors)
Step 1: Draw a layout on A4 size paper as to how and what you want to write. If it’s a birthday party then you would want to write boy/girl name, their DOB, their favorite foods, games , rhymes. If it’s first birthday then you can write things like I turn ONE, Welcome to my party, number of teeth, weight, height and things I can do for example sit, stand, walk.
It would be great to have a clear picture of what you want to write and the font you want to use.
Step 2: Using a ruler divide the board into small tables. After selecting the font and matter, if you are confident of free hand, go ahead with the markers or else take a printout of the matter in the different fonts and size you need and start tracing with a pencil on to the foam board.

Step 3: Once traced, use the metallic markers and finish it.

Once finished, step away and admire your chalkboard. You can place these in the hallway entrance so that the guests can read these small and interesting things about the adorable little one.
Try making one for your bubs birthday this year and tag me too with your project, wld be happy to see.
Happy Crafting😁
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  1. Hetal dedhia

    Wat is foam board…? Is it easily available at stationery store


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